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Molotow 127 HS-CO ONE4ALL



Item No. P.TI50051
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  • grasshopper TI5005133
  • KACAO77 UNIVERSES green TI5005134
  • metallic black TI5005135
  • metallic blue TI5005136
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Additional Information

Molotow 127 HS-CO ONE4ALL
, Acrylic Markers

The Molotow 127 HS-CO marker extends the ONE4ALL range with a marker, that has a stable 1.5 mm Crossover Tip made of hardboard, that permits artistic outpourings on all surfaces. A wide color range of 40 colors are available here!

This pump marker has eco-friendly features, because it is often reusable by the replaceable tip and the refillable paint, which also is cost-saving.

The hybrid acrylic-based paint is silk-mat and can be mixed with other colors of One4All. Mixing it with water gives a transparency effect, with the addition of acetone the color lasts longer on greasy surfaces, eg Leather.
- High coverage on all surfaces
- Even on wood, concrete, metal, fabric etc.
- UV-resistant
- Indoor and outdoor use

The FlowMaster pump valve and the patented capillary technology with mixing balls makes the ink flow controlled. By default, the 127 HS-CO marker comes with a replaceable 1.5 mm Crossover Tip.
- High-tight cap with rolling stop
- Refillable with all One4All refills

Compatible with:
- Xtra-Fine Tip 1 mm
- Fine Tip 2 mm
- Crossover Tip 1 mm

We recommend the Refill Extension in size A for kepping your hands clean during refilling.

Item No.: P.TI50051
  • Extras: exchangeable tip, highly covering, matt, mixable, refillable, permanent, UV resistant
  • Paint/ink: paint
  • series: Molotow One4All
  • Style: hobby, illustration, art, sketches
  • Tip (1): fine tip