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About us

How everything started…

The first Stylefile magazine was published in 1999 - and it still features stories about worldwide graffiti culture in three issues per year.Once upon a time… two young graffiti- and sneakerfans, who dreamt of earning their bread with their passion and not with jobs at a bank of in the automobile industry. For several years, Jörn Stiller and Markus “Krixl” Christl, designed graffiti projects for companies besides having their jobs as banker and technical illustrator, but at some point they had to make a decision which had to be taken for their entire life.

And so it came: 1999 was the birth year for the first edition of Stylefile Magazine, that was sold together with graffiti items on the likewise brand new site. The small online shop which also sold rare VHS cassettes und magazines was quickly successful,  as well as the published name Publikat, own publishing. They would also be able to prove their good taste in sneakers and street wear when they established the Stylefile online shop with trendy brands. Their dream became reality and the hobby became a fulltime job!

In 2004, the facilities in Aschaffenburg city where slowly being completed, so the company Publikat would move to the nearby town of Mainaschaff into a big building with storage building included.

Then, after the first staff member was hired, not only the product range grew but also the workforce that was necessary.

In the year 2015, the first so small team had grew towards 180, the 10m² warehouse space had grew towards 6000m² and the Stylefile magazine now has forty publications, with fifty separate publications. Much also has been the same: the high customer satisfaction, an authentic appearance, our high standards and the passion for the job.

Many of our first staff members, amongst them very good acquaintances and friends, are still with us and have a big part in the success story. Most of them have learned their way around the business at Publikat and are promoted over the years towards department managers.

And Jörn and Krixl? They are still happily on board, and besides their work they still have their lifelong passion for sneakers and graffiti!

Our departments

Customer Service

Employees in our customer service don’t have an easy job. The phones ring constantly throughout the day, sometimes delaying a mouthwatering bite into a delicious sandwich. The never empty inbox is full of questions, problems or wishes. Regardless who picks up the phone, they are always friendly, focused and motivated to help the customer on the other end. They do whatever is takes to answer every single customer question, not daunted by the fact that hundreds of e-mails are received in a week!

We have native speakers to help cope with the almost one hundred thousand customer orders in a year coming from outside of Germany. As a result when you walk through our office you will hear French, Italian, Dutch and various German accents being spoken. Often, our personable colleagues switch to graffiti-slang or discuss the newest sneaker trends with like-minded customers on the phone. That’s our pivotal advantage. Like our customers, our employees are young, fashion savvy and generally share similar interests. Knowing our wide range of products by heart, they are an authority in this area and give advice based on in depth knowledge- be it on the phone, in an e-mail or via Facebook. It makes no difference whether they have just reached the legal age or are in their early thirties! Everyone plays a strong part in the team!

Customers can also try on or pick up their orders directly from our office in Mainaschaff.



A typical day in our warehouse starts when the gates of the 6000m² stock open early in the morning, exposing a seemingly endless paradise filled with clothing, sneakers, graffiti equipment and caps piled on meter-high shelves. Sometimes skateboards and roller-skates are used to get around the maze of more than 200 aisles quickly. Orders are commissioned, scanned and packed to the sound of Hip Hop and at times Rock Music. The ready for shipment parcels are collected by the post several times a day. This ensures that our customers receive their orders as soon as possible. Our warehouse location, in nearby Aschaffenburg, plays a strategic role in this process as well. Thanks to our central location within Germany every German Address can be reached within a few hours!

Despite the warehouse-crew talking their own slang, the communication with the other departments is outstanding. The team is extremely well organized and dedicated – apparently the music blasting loudly from the speakers overhead, helps increase the motivation level of the crew. It’s like Christmas every day for the employees of our incoming goods department. They get to open parcels of brand new products from our street wear labels before finding them a new home in one of the many shelves. There, the items await their new owner – a never ending cycle…

Every shipment has the necessary papers for a hassle free and gratis return of goods. The returned items from around the world are processed quickly by the team, so that our customers can receive their exchange items or refunds quickly.

After lunch, which is often taken as a group heading to the nearby supermarket to grab a bite, work resumes with revived energy until the evening. The aim is to prepare every order for shipment. When the supervisor's “closing time!” echoes through the aisles, one can at times even witness a breakdance to celebrate the end of another successful work day.

Thanks to our quick working warehouse team, it usually only takes a few days till our customers receive their orders!Our Sales department sells to distributors as well - for example our stylefile marker.


Purchasing Department

The general perception is that employees of purchasing departments have a dream job. As assumed our products are purchased and our range of products is scheduled in this department. Whoever thinks our team only orders stuff at random is wrong. Our experts are confronted with the difficult job of selecting those styles among large lines our Stylefile customers will possibly like in the coming season. Considering the variety of tastes it is not an easy job and sometimes requires a combination of second sight, years of experience and obviously - at times - a good portion of luck.

Especially when they are confronted with hundreds of caps and pairs of sneakers our shopping kings really need to pull themselves together. However, we are talking about professional experts and they always take just the right decision purchasing the right pieces for our online shop. In addition they also manage to perfectly combine hundreds of articles from different brands. Our customers appreciate it. They don't need to browse the complete shop with its numerous styles; instead they are able to find their fave ones right away. Quality rather than quantity - not an easy task for an online shop but nevertheless the essence of our philosophy.

And when it comes to brands... Also in this field our experts have a good nose when it comes to discovering new trends our customers are already waiting for. On several trade fairs they hunt for the hottest street wear and street fashion newcomer sometimes sacrificing their well-deserved weekend for the greater good. Their motto is to always think one season further and at times take riskier decisions. Somehow they share certain characteristics with our customers... Instead of following every fashion trend they are working on the trends for tomorrow! Their latest challenge: finding future conscious brands that produce goods in an environmentally friendly way.



Genius is close to insanity and our graphics team is the perfect proof for the fact that this saying is often close to the truth! How else should they manage to highly concentrated take and edit photos in a perfectionist manner at the sound of distorted guitars and loud drums? They attach great importance to a natural way of illustrating products, colors and models.

However, it is not all about music and image editing in the office. In our graphics office the shop and the whole website are being fed with pictures and text. The catalog shootings also take place in our very own studio. In cooperation with creative folks from other departments the stream of originary ideas is flowing in the graphics department. Catalog, newsletter and merchandise are created in this inspiring place. And any kind of text also originates there - is being filled with life and a portion of humor - in order to be so much more than just a source of information for our young customers.

Especially our graffiti products are closely examined and tested before they are put up for sale in the shop. Our graphics team simply includes graffiti artists and collectors of sneakers, too. Obviously their heartache is even more intense if the latest sneaker models need to be sent back months ahead of the official sales date after serving as photo samples!

Mainly claimed characteristics such as "waterproof", "fluffy" or "flexible" are understood as an invitation to test and these test results are included in the description of the article. Full physical play is required when it comes to taking photos for the shop and the catalog and our team is in the thick of it, be it in front of or behind the lens. And since some ladies joined the team there have been reports of occasional sweets consumption and polished manners. Even our wall-high graffiti and lifestyle library (with a collection of more than 1000 books, DVDs and magazines out of 15 years) has now been brought in alphabetical and chronological order... Not surprisingly, there is always a positive atmosphere.

But beware if the coffee machine is broken! In such case not even those pretty models coming in and out can compensate for this adversity.

All product and catalog photos are shot and edited inhouse.



Admittedly this is not our most exciting department. However, the ladies from our accounts team are not boring at all. Where you might expect to find serious stiffs with horn-rims you will find two power women, one blond and one brunette, managing finances with a good portion of tough love. Hardly any other employee is sitting as early as the two at their desks diving into the world of figures. Over the challenges there they sometimes even forget to water the office plants. Besides yellow and green plants (which are at least according to them not theirs) you will find lots of calculators, a heap of folders and a pink fan in our "data processing center".

Our finance experts are in charge of responsible tasks such as checking and posting invoices, transfer of VAT, banking and basically everything in connection with money! Apart from gathering business cases the bits and pieces of small talk uttered in the adjoining printing and beverage dispenser corner are overheard. A major advantage of our fairies in accounts is that they have all financial matters under control as Nadin and Anna-Lena are the ones to be contacted by our suppliers, customers and - of course - the two bosses. Their supreme discipline is super-fast remittance transfers!



The marketing team did not only invent the Weißwurst Friday but is responsible for the important task to make as many people as possible aware of our shop and tempt them into taking a look - to put it simply. The list of their diverse tasks does not end here.

Ultimately a visitor of our website is supposed to become a satisfied and returning customer who will also recommend us.

In order to make this happen Frank's department plans catalogs, writes newsletters and makes our suppliers give one or the other gimmick for sweepstakes.

The usual online marketing tools such as SEM, Affiliate, e-mail and consorts are essential and require a special touch. When it comes to the World Wide Web and search engines close observation and quick reactions are decisive and our marketing experts have declared it an art form (same applies to preparing Weißwurst). And finally they reach their goal and design our website just right for customers and demanding search engines alike!



Our IT boys make the heart of our company, the online shop, beat regularly and sometimes even beat in the measures of electronic music which sounds through their office more often than not.

They themselves boast with a heart of extensive capacity for the technical problems of our employees, our project manager Irene's charming accent and good food. As computer scientists they are the ones to be contacted in case there are any problems with our application which constantly needs to be optimized, serviced and coordinated for all departments. Consequently they are the ones in control and always in demand - if it is not about group orders with the delivery service at lunch time. Although one of the trainees is secretly developing programs for an intelligent coffee machine they wouldn't characterize themselves as computer nerds.

Sometimes our IT boys don't only work on but also in the computer. Unfortunately you will not find one team member to match with the common stereotypes as they really are a ragtag crew making their way to work with a pink vinyl deck, via minibus including fishing equipment or on foot as marathon runner. Although these professional individuals always present themselves as busy and reserved - behind all the technical jargon there are hiding likable and humorous guys sometimes having chili con carne for their out and out manly breakfast.


Human Resources

It is not easy at all for only two employees to maintain an overview of more than 180 employees. Especially when these three also have to make sure that new employees are available! But Sylvia, Derya and Stefan are a well-established team managing to take care of our employees' matters and work off piles of applications. As we value qualified personnel which is known to be hard to find our HR team is looking out for more than just simple job ads. They regularly visit recruitment fairs and different schools in the area to find potential trainees and employees.

Stefan and Sylvia enjoy getting to know potential recruitees at job fairs. The well-being of our personnel is vital for them as well. Be it orthopedic office chairs, Pilates at work or a soccer field for the company - creativity is unlimited. They are world-best when it comes to organizing and they proof it every year at our Christmas party or BBQ in summer. Stefan himself is the master at the BBQ grill and supplies every single employee with sausages and steaks!

At our monthly company meeting, which is organized by our HR department as well, it's time for anecdotes and stories from the very first years after the foundation of our company. Regional food and drinks are always provided, too. Our personnel duo also takes care of newcomers and does its best to fasten integration with regional dialect lessons for beginners or their first Weißwurst breakfast. This is what we call total commitment.



Beside fashion victims and sneaker addicts wholesale businesses such as hip hop and graffiti shops, foreign online shops and artists also place orders with us which is why we do have a department responsible for them as well. Our sales department takes care of all the matters in connection with graffiti supplies, media and trade. Bene and Markus support the frowned-upon soccer club Borussia Dortmund, however, when it comes to sales matters they are professionals through and through... ;)

They are responsible for the probably world-greatest library of graffiti literature and our diverse graffiti range including supplies for spraying cans, markers, sketch books and media. In charge of several hundred international retailers they enable constant and vital stuff supply for the graffiti scene in the West Indies or in South America. Likely the two of them would only shrug their shoulders when receiving an order placed by Eskimos planning to spray their igloo wall! Our sales department is also the place where new Stylefile graffiti magazines and graffiti publications in the name of our publishing house Publikat are compiled and brought to life. Said place is where the Stylefile marker and the respective sketchbooks were developed in a period of several years. Not to forget our more recent Publikat bestsellers INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER and HERAKUT. Admittedly we are proud that the artists decided to publish their works with us.

The sales team is always in connection with our storage and graphics teams and of course with our two bosses who have been involved in the graffiti scene actively and passively for 20 years. This is why they enjoy such a good reputation among many artists and writers worldwide. All this results in authentic and professional service and gives our products their credible image.

We place great importance on adding the personal touch to our customer support.



Normally it's as follows: Bosses are jerks. We have two of them and both are really likable! Markus Christ, nickname Krixl, and Jörn Stiller, nickname Jörn, are the founders and managers of Publikat and most of the time the last ones to leave the office at the end of the day. This means that they have put a lot of time, effort and love into their company for more than 10 years. Since its foundation in 1999 the number of employees has risen up to nearly 180.

They shared and still share a great passion for graffiti and sneakers which is a source of inspiration for their employees. Their passion results in an office and even company-wide decoration consisting of shoes and graffiti artwork. Before this passion became a bread-winning occupation they completed their training as bank clerk in case of Jörn and draftsman in case of Krixl - both occupations being their first "proper" jobs. Considering their first career steps it was crystal clear from the beginning who should be in charge of figures and the creative part. By now their range of duties has evolved and they steer our ship through calm and sometimes stormy waters.

Although they reached the end of their 30s you will still find them young in mind, stalwart in their passion and contributing a major part to Stylefile's authenticity. And be the occasion ever so festive they will never ever turn up without their beloved sneakers!

After more than 20 years Krixl still picks up the spraying can regularly and Jörn's sneaker collection (mainly Adidas ZX and Forrest Hill) often makes agents gape and chuckle. By the way, it’s absolutely positive that their passion can be considered to be a never ending one.

Markus “Krixl” ChristlJörn Stiller