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Urban Media Like Lipstick Traces


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Urban Media Like Lipstick Traces

Like Lipstick Traces is a rather unusual collection of photos, all of which were created by well-known graffiti writers.

It is not unknown that these guys like to go on tour sometimes and that then only graffiti is photographed, no one can actually expect. What comes out when O'CLOCK, DUMBO, AROE, the CBS crew, HONET, REMIO, ROCKY, SMASH137 and a few more (13 in total) hold their camera in the prairie, you can admire in this illustrated book. With text is somewhat spared, however, there is something to read now and then then. Not all of them were taken on trips, but all photos let you take a little trip into the world of the respective writers. The layout is kept minimalistic and so many photos come only with a Polaraoid frame (maybe as a small homage to instant photography...), other pictures are shown in large format on full pages. As a little gag, some chapters are simply rotated by 90° or 180°.

Hardcover, 226 pages, language: English, size: 22,5 cm x 27 cm.

Item No.: P.BU36801
  • Cover: hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Category: lifestyle